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Data Privacy & Security: We have reached the point of insanity!

Data Privacy & Security We have reached the point of insanity! Blog

Written by Mary Beth Chalk | Originally Posted on LinkedIn

In a November 6th article in MIT Technology Review entitled, “It’s shockingly easy to buy sensitive data about US military personnel” the author cited that “for as little as $0.12 per record, data brokers in the US are selling sensitive private data about active-duty military members and veterans, including their names, home addresses, geolocation, net worth, . . . religion, and information about their children and health conditions.”

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Generative AI Misses the Mark in Healthcare – What It Needs to Succeed

Generative AI HC Blog

By Michael S. Blum, MD, CEO of BeeKeeperAI™

Key Points:

  • ChatGPT is impacting industry and society in unprecedented ways
  • The opportunity for GPTs to improve healthcare delivery is enormous, but the technology is immature and not sufficiently reliable for general healthcare use
  • The AI models need additional training on real-world healthcare data to perform adequately in healthcare, but accessing that data is challenging due to patient privacy concerns
  • New confidential computing technologies…

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Putting a Halt to the Insanity Surrounding Data Access for Healthcare AI Development & Deployment

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Given the data access challenges, it is not surprising that many AI algorithms have performance problems. We have all seen the articles that highlight inherent biases in data that reduce the accuracy of healthcare AI models, lack of generalizability, as well as issues with algorithm drift when the models are exposed to new data. At BeeKeeperAI, we are developing innovative tools for healthcare artificial intelligence lifecycle management that will ultimately improve patient outcomes and reduce t…

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Securing Healthcare AI with Confidential Computing

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The following guest post is re-posted with permission from Richard Searle, Customer Solutions Director, Fortanix.

Contextual Focus on Healthcare

The events of 2020 have placed healthcare and medical research at the forefront of public discourse and topical interest. The quest for an effective vaccine to counter the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-Cov-2) virus and its manifestation in the disease COVID-19 has introduced sampling, statistical analysis, and the r…

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