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Intel Introduces Project Amber for Cloud-to-Edge and On-Premises Trust Assurance

IN THE NEWS: YahooNews on May 11, 2022

BeeKeeperAI Spins Out of UCSF to Accelerate Healthcare AI Development with Privacy-Preserving Technology Innovation

PRESS RELEASE: Posted on April 26, 2022

BeeKeeperAI Accelerates Healthcare AI and Enables Secure Healthcare Data Collaboration with Fortanix Confidential Computing

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BeekeeperAI - Future of Healthcare Algorithm Development

PODCAST INTERVIEW: The SMART Healthcare Podcast in November 2021

Accelerating healthcare AI innovation with Zero Trust technology

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Privacy Frameworks in Health and Life Science

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Health and Life Sciences at the Edge: Privacy Frameworks in Health and Life Sciences

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Privacy-Preserving Data-Collaboration Methods that Accelerate Healthcare Innovation

WHITE PAPER: Intel in July 2021

UCSF Health, Intel deploy confidential computing to safeguard data in use

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Securing Healthcare AI with Confidential Computing

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Fortanix powers new applications of confidential computing

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Meeting Interoperability and Federal Data Sharing Requirements

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Artificial Intelligence in Health Care

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Improving Interoperability By Moving From Perfection To Pragmatism

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UCSF Joins Forces with Tech Companies to Eliminate Data-Sharing Risks

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Leveraging the Power of AI in Telehealth

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Unlocking the Value of Private Data with Privacy-Preserving Analytics and Confidential Computing

PRESENTATION: Fortanix Webinar on October 28, 2020