"Getting your hands on a large, rich, longitudinal set of patient data is a data scientist’s dream. You can’t train a model that predicts sepsis without access to a good dataset of hospital visits. You can’t make recommendations about chronic patients without data about the same patients over several years." (Talby, Forbes, 2019)

“In the end, the trust we place in our digital infrastructure should be proportional to how trustworthy and transparent that infrastructure is, and to the consequences we will incur if that trust is misplaced.” (United States President's Executive Order on Improving the Nation's Cybersecurity, 2021)

While others have developed solutions based on de-identified or synthetic data, we're removing the barriers to data access.

In designing BeeKeeperAI™, we took advantage of recent advances in privacy-preserving computing technologies that support:

  • highly secure computing enclaves
  • end-to-end data and algorithm encryption that ensures data security
  • federated algorithm validation and training


Not Synthetic
No Synthetic Data: Creates concerns for algorithm bias
Nodes Grey
Local Nodes: Data stays secure your private HIPAA-compliant cloud infrastructure
Zero Trust Data Acces
Secure Data Access: Privacy-preserving and Zero-Trust
Not De-Identified
No De-Identifying: Risk of incomplete models and re-identification
Distributed Data: Access to large & diverse patient data sets reducing risk of potential bias
No Data Lake Grey
No Data Lakes: Inadequate security and a breeding ground for bad data
BeeKeeperAI - The Hive Graphic

Here's how BeeKeeperAI® works:

Key differentiators for BeeKeeperAI®

BeeKeeperAI® uses privacy-preserving analytics on multi-institutional sources of protected data in a confidential computing environment including end-to-end encryption, secure computing enclaves, and Intel’s latest SGX enabled processors to comprehensively protect the data and the algorithm IP.

Protected Cloud Storage

The data never leaves the organization’s protected cloud storage, eliminating the loss of control and “resharing” risk.

Encrypted Primary Data

Uses primary data - from the original source - rather than synthetic or de-identified data. The data is always encrypted.

Healthcare-Specific Tools & Workflows

Healthcare-specific powerful BeeKeeperAI™ tools and workflows support data set creation, labeling, segmentation, and annotation activities.

Secure Enclave Technology

The BeeKeeperAI™ secure enclaves eliminate the risk of data exfiltration and interrogation of the algorithm IP from insiders and third parties.

Middleman and Matchmaker

BeeKeeperAI™ acts as the middleman & matchmaker between data stewards and algorithm developers, reducing time, effort, and costs of data projects by over 50%.

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