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BeeKeeperAI® was created at UCSF’s Center for Digital Health Innovation (CDHI) to solve the healthcare data access problem.

As we developed clinical AI at CDHI, we were experiencing the same data acquisition challenges that currently plague all healthcare AI algorithm developers and researchers.

While our algorithms were developed on high quality data sets and continued to perform very well on local clinical data, they did not perform as well when exposed to diverse real world data.

Imaging-based algorithms, in particular, suffered when they were tested on images acquired on different and older equipment and techniques. 

Acquiring the volume of diverse data to retrain the algorithms to achieve the desired performance was complex and very time consuming.

It quickly became apparent that both academic and industry AI developers were struggling with exactly the same issues and that a new solution to the data access challenge was needed if AI was going to live up to its promise to improve healthcare.

We decided to find a better way. 

Goal: Change the future of healthcare with AI

Problem: Timely and secure access to highly diverse, real-world data

Solution: Remove the barriers to primary data access

While others set out to develop solutions based on de-identified or synthetic data, we believed that the best approach was to remove the barriers to primary data access.

We needed a solution that would allow Data Stewards to keep their data secure in their private cloud infrastructure while still leveraging the data to generate new revenue streams in support of their care delivery and discovery missions.

We assembled a team of seasoned data science, information security, and engineering experts and reached out to industry partners including Intel and Microsoft to refine our approach.

As we built our initial proofs of concept and socialized the approach with academic and industry leaders, it quickly became clear that our concept was attractive to both Data Stewards and algorithm developers...

...we knew we were onto something!

And BeeKeeperAI® was born.


Create secure data access to support high-quality, impactful algorithm validation and development.

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