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Accelerating healthcare AI through a secure collaboration platform for algorithm owners and data stewards 



It currently takes an average of 2-3 years and $3-5M per algorithm to achieve generalizability with little to no protection of a model’s intellectual property.
This is an unacceptable innovation paradigm.

EscrowAI™ is a privacy-preserving collaboration platform on which the intellectual property of an algorithm is protected as it is sent to sightlessly compute on curated, protected information in the data steward’s secure environment.

The value:
Security for data and intellectual property, faster pace of innovation, and ethical commercial arrangements to advance scientific discovery and innovation.

Here's how BeeKeeperAI® works:

Key differentiators for BeeKeeperAI®

Data is Never Seen or Shared

The data never leaves the data steward’s secure, HIPAA compliant environment.

Computing on Real World, Protected Information

Uses primary data–from the original source– rather than synthetic or de-identified data. The data is always encrypted.

Intellectual Property is Never Seen or Shared

The algorithm is always encrypted: at the time it is uploaded to EscrowAI™, while it travels in the container to the data steward, and within the data steward’s secure environment.

Secure Enclave Technology

EscrowAI™ leverages secure enclave technology eliminating the risk of data exfiltration and interrogation of the algorithm IP during computing.

Middleman and Matchmaker

BeeKeeperAI™ acts as the middleman & matchmaker between data stewards and algorithm developers, reducing time, effort, and costs of data projects by over 50%.

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