BeeKeeperAI Spins Out of UCSF to Accelerate Healthcare AI Development with Privacy-Preserving Technology Innovation

Mary Beth Chalk, Chief Commercial Officer, Co-founder, and former head of Business Development at CDHI 

Bob Rogers, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, Co-founder, and former Expert in Residence at CDHI and Chief Data Scientist in the Data Center Group at Intel

The founders will be joined by three industry experts to complete the management team.

They include: 

Alan Czeszynski, Vice President, Product and former Vice President, Product Operations at NeuroVision Imaging

Sudish Mogli, Vice President, Engineering and former Chief Technology Officer at Healthcare Triangle, Inc.

Paul King, Chief Trust & Security Officer and former Director of Threat Intelligence at Cisco and Chief Security Officer for Cisco UK

BeeKeeperAI architects security into the foundation of the platform – not as an afterthought – providing protection that eliminates the need for implicit trust while providing continuous validation at every stage of a digital interaction. This facilitates secure, sightless computing on protected health information (PHI). Using BeeKeeperAI’s privacy-preserving collaboration platform, data stewards can pursue their mission of improving patient care through research and discovery without sharing patient data or risk exposing PHI. Algorithm developers can securely train and validate their algorithms without worrying about the security of their intellectual property. Patients’ privacy is always maintained.   

“BeeKeeperAI is looking forward to expanding our collaborations with AI developers and data stewards to accelerate digital healthcare innovation,” said Ms. Chalk. “For algorithm owners, BeeKeeperAI is reducing the complexity, time, and cost of developing clinically valuable, generalizable AI. For data stewards, BeeKeeperAI provides cloud infrastructure that allows them to securely and privately enable algorithm developers to compute against their encrypted data. For providers and patients, BeeKeeperAI is helping to accelerate the availability of innovative AI-powered technologies that will help to improve outcomes and lower the cost of care.”

The concept for the BeeKeeperAI platform was fostered within CDHI, which has a distinguished history of successfully developing AI technologies, including the first-ever FDA-cleared, AI-powered chest x-ray suite. By incubating BeeKeeperAI within CDHI, the founding team had direct access to a variety of experts in data science, clinical informatics, medical care, product development, and data stewardship. Early efforts included extensive market fit testing that led to a robust pipeline of initial data stewards and algorithm developers.

“CDHI enables innovations from within UCSF to pursue the early, critical technology and product development work necessary to impact real-world clinical settings, leading to companies like BeeKeeperAI,” said Aaron Neinstein, MD, Vice President of Digital Health at UCSF Health. “The BeeKeeperAI platform is an exciting new model for enabling privacy-preserving data access and for utilizing confidential computing in a novel way. BeeKeeperAI will help define the next decade of innovation in healthcare AI and beyond, and we are proud that its roots are in CDHI.”

A preview release of the BeeKeeperAI platform is currently available through an early access program for both AI developers and data stewards.  

About BeeKeeperAI

BeeKeeperAI is the pioneer in combining zero trust, confidential computing, and privacy preserving analytics for the training, validation, and deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare. BeeKeeperAI is accelerating the broader availability of AI-powered solutions that will help to redefine the future of healthcare.  For more information, go to


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